Distribution Solutions

Our experience working with food distribution companies has identified four key benefits the MaetaData platform brings to our clients:

  • Data Standardization
  • Diverse Supplier Management
  • Regional Procurement
  • Multi-Region Reporting

From product discovery to procurement and reporting, our platform tools bring innovation, client satisfaction, and market differentiation within the highly competitive distribution industry.


      Supply Chain Visibility

    • Ingredient to Recipe Transparency
    • Dietary Attributes and Allergens
    • Environmental and Human Health
    • Farm and Business by Miles/State
    • Animal Welfare
    • Non-Food and GHG Emissions


   Product and Supplier Marketplace

    • Regional Supplier Management
    • Certification/Food Safety Management
    • Local Farm Network Development
    • FarmLogix Local Product Marketplace
    • MealsUp Local Vendor Marketplace
    • Custom Sourcing Solutions

     Reporting and Analytics

    • Enterprise Dashboards
    • Self-Service Customer Reporting
    • Hyper-Customization Configuration
    • Custom Reporting Templates

Customer satisfaction is directly linked to the visibility you provide into the source and quality of the ingredients and products you sell. Open Fields provides:

  • Catalog attribution by 85+ sustainable attributes and custom definitions for local sourcing
  • Search and filter capabilities
  • Identifiable sourcing gaps and opportunities

Gaps in local procurement and supply chain diversity are filled through our transparent marketplace and supplier management platform.

  • Local and diverse farm and community business support
  • Agricultural and local business regional marketplaces
  • Supplier diversity reporting
  • Backend supplier compliance management
  • Traceability, labeling and barcoding tools

Machine learning and AI drive hyper-customizable reporting where no standard definitions for local and sustainable exist.

  • Game-changing reporting capabilities
  • Automated Enterprise and CSR reporting
  • Hyper-customizable filters
    Self-service dashboards

Catalog attribution for custom filtering by sustainable and dietary attributes Farm To School pre-order e-commerce with Local Reporting Hyper-customized reporting-as-a-service for University customers

Supply Chain Visibility begins with catalog attribution for local, sustainable, allergen, and dietary attribute tagging. Resulting capabilities include sustainable and local product search tools for supply chain teams, as well as aggregated multi-customer demand for farm-identified products on our e-commerce platform.

  • Game-changing reporting capabilities
  • Automated Enterprise and CSR reporting
  • Hyper-customizable filters
    Self-service dashboards


The MaetaData platform empowers users to configure solutions that connect supply chain participants in delivering innovation transparency good health, environmental wellness and storytelling everywhere we dine.


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