Scaling Volume Through Distributor Partnerships

Our solutions allow farms to do what they do best — grow and produce food. As a participant in our local sourcing programs your farm benefits from visibility by distributor supply chain and buying teams, and scales order volume scale through participation in our online marketplaces used by institutional buyers such as universities, hospitals systems, corporate cafeterias, and K-12 school districts.



Ingredient To Recipe Transparency

Demand for supply chain transparency begins with the consumer, moving down the supply chain to suppliers. In foodservice CPG firms, caterers and processors are therefore responsible for transparency into the ingredients they source for products, recipes, and processed foods. Our attributes carry from original source to the finished product, assuring valuable data and stories are maintained.

Managing Foodservice Compliance

Local sourcing is top of mind for foodservice, providing opportunity for farms to participate in large supply chains that were once considered inaccessible. The complexity lies in navigating the web of certification, insurance, food safety, labeling, and other requirements. Although initially a challenging hurdle, it is well worth the doors it opens. We took this leap ourselves and now help others to do the same.

Multi-Source Compliance and Reporting

Multi-ingredient products require sourcing from a network of suppliers. For national companies this can mean managing regional networks in multiple locations. The challenge is balancing the simultaneous need for food safety consistency, as well as the storage of certifications and insurance documentation. Our system offers full supplier network visibility from a single online dashboard.


      Supply Chain Visibility

    • Ingredient to Recipe Transparency
    • Dietary Attributes and Allergens
    • Environmental and Human Health
    • Locally Sourced Programming
    • Animal Welfare
    • Non-Food and GHG Emissions


  •   Product and Supplier Marketplace
    • Regional Supplier Participation
    • Certification/Food Safety Management
    • Local Farm Network Participation
    • Foodservice Marketplace Visibility
    • Custom Sourcing Opportunities
     Reporting and Analytics
    • Sales Analytics Dashboards
    • Reporting Services for Customer
    • Hyper-Customization Configuration

Supplier visibility by supply chain teams allows foodservice locations to discover your business and products.

As a Farm or Food Producer participation in institutional relationships begins with awareness of your products by supply chain teams creating local or sustainable programs that are a fit with what you grow or sell. Our search tools make this easy, providing the ability to find and contact you or your distributor partner.


  1. Initial Attribution of your products allows for a future perfect match for those looking for your products. Once accepted, your products are imported into our database by your sustainable attributes, ownership status (MBE/WBE), and business address as a potential local sourcing partner.
  2. Resulting Visibility brings connection either directly or through your Distributor. This is the first step in selling to the foodservice market and being visible to institutional buyers.
  3. Search and Filter Capability allows supply chain and culinary teams to design programs and recipes based on the unique qualities of your ingredients and products. Sample filters include allergen-free, dietary detail (ex: vegetarian), sustainable (ex. organic) or MBE/WBE-owned.

Local and diverse supplier purchasing is scaled through our marketplace and compliance management program.

Institutional opportunities for farms and small business goes beyond sales today to include complex compliance to comply with food safety and federal regulations. Our Aggrega8 Marketplace provides transparency into your unique business and products.

The Marketplaces include:


  1. FarmLogix Agricultural Marketplace, a source-identified marketplace allowing buyers, which include school districts, universities, corporate cafeterias and healthcare systems, to source local farm products by miles and state. A convenient prebook system aggregates multi-buyer demand into a single location weekly delivery.
  2. MealsUp seamlessly integrates visiting local restaurants and local businesses into foodservice locations with turnkey scheduling management and B2C mobile ordering by cuisine, business profile, and dietary/sustainable preferences.
  3. Turnkey Supplier Management includes required food safety documentation and certification storage, as well as notification systems, to help farms and local businesses manage their foodservice relationships.

Machine learning and AI drive local and sustainable analytics for your customers and business needs.

Reporting and Analytics are an important component to all participants in the supply chain. Our systems provide analytics on your sales to institutional customers, as well as allow you to access data on which of your products sell best across vertical and regions. As a producer of multi-ingredient recipes and products, or an aggregator of multiple suppliers, the following self-service tools are available from online dashboards:


  1. Automated Enterprise Reporting: Activity from our marketplaces can be merged with other business activity for on-demand analytics used by your entire operation.
  2. Hyper-Customizable Options allows you to generate reports on the fly by custom definitions of local by state and/or miles, as well as by sustainable attributes, for multiple stakeholders such as your community, customers, and compliance with 3rd party reporting programs.
  3. Self-Service Dashboards provide the ability to run reports online with access for multiple teams, such as Supply Chain, Growth and Marketing and Sustainability, with remade templates for common analytics.


New marketing opportunities for farms

Product visibility by distributors and foodservice buyers

Demand aggregation on preorder marketplace

Institutional Market Visibility is available through several platform channels. Buyers utilize our search to find new products that are a fit for thier local and sustainable sourcing needs. Many food  processors have scaled their sales to schools through participation in our Farm To School programs that has included fresh and IQF produce as well as proteins. 

Institutional Buyer Visibility on our search engine and marketplace allows buyers to shop for your businesss and product by best market fit, whether that be your location, ownership status or  sustianable practices. We also assist with food safety, traceability compliance and labeling/barcoding tools to assure success.   

The MaetaData platform empowers users to configure solutions that connect supply chain participants in delivering innovation, transparency, good health, environmental wellness and storytelling everywhere we dine.

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