MaetaData is AI-driven technology that transforms complex foodservice industry data into powerful tools that elevate ingredient and source transparency, empower local and diverse supplier engagement and elevate CSR/ESG reporting. Food industry leaders across the supply chain rely on the MaetaData family of solutions to deliver programs and products that resonate with diners and drive revenue and market share growth.

is more than data. Our patent-pending technology and searchable database offers software for data analytics and customized reporting to enhance the efficiencies of local and diverse supply chains. 

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About Maeta

Our founder, Linda Mallers Porzenheim, has deep entrepreneurial roots influenced by generations of family. Her paternal grandfather, a young tailor, started the family’s immigration to the US early into the 20thcentury with more relatives following. By the 1940s he had a thriving string of women’s retail stores throughout Chicago. When his son married her mother, also from a retail family, the entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well throughout the family.

Maeta, her maternal grandmother, raised three successful entrepreneurial daughters and was the matriarch at family dinners, where talk always focused on commerce. Those insights on starting, building and running businesses laid a foundation for Linda’s future creating technology-enabled companies.

It was originally taking title to local food as FarmLogix that allowed us to identify gaps in sourcing transparency, but it was the demand for data insights and analysis that led us to merge our supply chain and technology expertise to put automated tools and analysis into the hands of many to scale a better future for food. Today there is no greater joy for our team than to scale greater visibility, accountability and storytelling across the supply chain as we grow.

Meta by definition describes what is self-referential. Metadata, therefore is data about data, which is the core of our business today. But our business does more than deep dive supply chain data. We get to the root of what makes our client’s data, and their resulting products and client relationships, unique.

In many ways we view the foodservice industry as a family, with data the connecting root, and its supply chains the individual journeys taken by current and future generations. This integration of the big picture with individual stories isn’t just metadata. It’s MaetaData.