CSR/ESG Reporting

Reporting transparency today encompasses a wide range of measurements that include visible support of local farms and diverse businesses, as well as sustainable practices that support our climate and populations. Organizations have increasing pressure to report to multiple stakeholders. The complexity lies in balancing reporting deadlines with resourcing and budgetary constraints.


Responsible Procurement Strategic Planning

Developing meaningful insights and comparative baselines for procurement strategies requires standardization from hundreds of sources in a space that has no data standard. We’ve ingested and identified most of what the foodservice industry buys so that our clients can efficiently visualize and report on multi-member purchasing activity for spend and initiative management.

Sourcing Compliance

Existing reporting systems are traditionally built to measure supply chain efficiency, and therefore not structured to meet sustainable, local and diverse reporting demands. Our machine-learning and AI process assures that data is standardized to meet reporting requirements consistently, on-time and on-budget either through our existing templates or a custom built solution. 

Governmental and 3rd Party Initiatives

Federal, state, and 3rd party programs that fund local and sustainable initiatives have great potential to scale impact.  Whether it is managing invoicing for reimbursement programs, attracting funding for equitable food system programs or reporting procurement against UN SDG or other 3rd party frameworks, our reporting tools compliantly demonstrate  commitment to funded goals.


      Supply Chain Visibility

    • Dietary Attributes and Allergens
    • Environmental and Human Health
    • Local Spend by Custom Definition
    • Animal Welfare
    • Non-Food and GHG Emissions


  •   Product and Supplier Marketplace
    • Regional Supplier Management
    • Certification/Food Safety Management
    • Local Producer Marketplace
    • MealsUp Local Vendor Marketplace
    • Custom Sourcing Solutions
     Reporting and Analytics
    • Enterprise Dashboards
    • Hyper-Customization Configuration
    • Custom Reporting Templates

Industry influencers have instant visibility into the impact of their programs and investments.

As an industry influencer  you drive demand for products and purchasing that put our planet and communities first. Whether your interests lie in local sourcing, sustainable agriculture or reduced carbon footprint, your ability to analyze purchasing across sectors and investments determine not only the impact of your efforts for stakeholders, but your risk exposure as well.

Access to Open Fields helps meet your goals with:

  1. Local and Sustainable discovery of over 450,000 foodservice industry transactions to filter vendors and their products by at least one of the 85+ attributes in our database. You can additionally search for local farms and businesses by miles and or state.
  2. State of the art data capture through our machine learning and AI data standardization process identifies procurement gaps and opportunities to replace high risk procurements with those less harmful to the environment, animals, and supply chain workers. Our data and attributes are updated monthly and audited yearly to keep your research and reporting current.
  3. Search and filter capabilities allow supply chain teams to design procurements that meet meet program and investor preferences, including allergen and dietary detail, ingredient source and characteristics, supplier transparency and sustainable practice.

Amplify supplier diversity through our regional product and vendor marketplaces.

Diverse supplier support is a logistically complex endeavor. Starting as a small company selling local farm products to the country’s largest distributors, we know this firsthand.  Our Aggrega8 platform provides a single go-to marketplace for buyers to discover and search for unique products from local and diverse suppliers in their region. 

The Aggrega8 Marketplaces include:


  1. Turnkey Supplier Management: Scaling multi-region supplier diversity programs while balancing food safety compliance is a complex challenge for large buyers and distributors. Our supplier management system stores required certifications and sends notifications when suppliers fall out of compliance, and provides supplier access to a suite of traceability tools.
  2. Reimbursement Management: Utilizing our Aggrega8 platform, governmental reimbursement program participants upload their local farm invoices which are vetted, tracked, reimbursed and reported successfully through our system. 
  3. Local  Product and Supplier Marketplace: With both e-commerce and reservation management capabilities, Aggrega8 scales regional purchasing with a prebook system to aggregate multi-buyer demand. The reservation features a marketplace provides opportunity to  local businesses as a pop-up or consistent on-site presence at foodservice locations.

Machine learning and AI drive hyper-customizable reporting to evaluate and accommodate multi-participant programming. 

Game-changing reporting capability provides transparency and insights that transform complex transactional data from multiple sources into powerful tools that elevate sustainable sourcing detail, accurately identify local and diverse supplier support, and contribute valuable data points to ESG reporting initiatives.

Features include:

  1. Automated Enterprise Reporting: Our proprietary data ingestion process and algorithms provide full supply chain analytics and on-demand ESG and CSR initiatives reporting for national programs.
  2. Hyper-Customizable Options allow users to select from 85+ attributes for sustainability, as well as custom definitions of local and diverse business support across all food categories. New measurements for non-food items, such as disposables and GHG emissions, are continued enhancements.
  3. Self-Service Dashboards provide the ability to offer reporting as a value-added service to individual clients.


Custom filtering by local, sustainable and dietary attributes
Regional vendor reservation and local product marketplaces 
Governmental and 3rd party program management and reporting

Sustainable Impact Visibility includes sustainable and local product search and reporting tools for the evaluation of federal, state, or other investor-funded programs requiring local, sustainable and supplier diversity measurements. Our success is evident in the successful reimbursement and ESG/CSR reporting frameworks we manage.

Supplier Diversity Management is available through our regional marketplaces. Since 2013 the marketplace has sourced and tracked $100M+ of support of local farms with our patent-pending preorder buyer aggregation system. Our reservation marketplace manages visiting vendor programs that scale local restaurant revenue.

The MaetaData platform empowers users to configure solutions that connect supply chain participants in delivering innovation, transparency, good health, environmental wellness and storytelling everywhere we dine.

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